In Awe by Enchanted Farm

In Awe by Enchanted Farm

Somewhere in Bulacan, just a few hours away north of Manila, you can find a happy place that is said to be the first of its kind in the world. They call it, “Enchanted Farm” and as dreamy as it sounds, there’s something about the place that’s drawing people to actually see it.

“Enchanted Farm” was once an idle piece of quarried land where stories about diwatas and encantos thrived; it has now been brought back to life just a few years ago by the NGO Gawad Kalinga and a team of young farming enthusiasts. Nowadays, the place has become a sustainable community made to break the cycle of poverty. Likewise, the place has transcended into becoming a mini university because you’ll be taught about organic farming and be more appreciative of nature.

Here, guests will come face to face with the farmers and have a chance to understand what it takes to till the soil, as well as learn the basics about organic agriculture. Fresh produce can be bought in the farm, along with other finished products (some of the raw materials are produced here) of various partner social entrepreneurs. Visitors also have a chance to help in the farm building (read: get to be a farmer for a day) with the residents, stay for a few nights if they wish and spend some time doing activities in the 14-hectare Enchanted Farm such as making cheese and chocolates, painting Golden eggs, brewing tea, picking vegetables and more (there will also be mango picking soon!).Slowly a lot of people are discovering this Disneyland-like farm destination and have come to learn more about social tourism. I suggest that you make this your long weekend destination, disconnect from the city for a while and you’re in for that much-awaited R & R experience. You will come back learning a bit more and be a little more relaxed. You won’t regret a weekend that did good by giving back to the community. The place can accommodate day tours and as many as 200 guests can stay here for a night in their Grass Villas and Grass Cabanas. Make sure you reserve ahead before the weekend.
To get here, you can take the NLEX Bocaue Exit, turn right towards Sta. Maria via the Bocaue Road, take a left when you see a PTT Gas Station, take another left when youve reached the Waltermart intersection then take a right at Win Gas Station. Follow the Pandi-Angat Road by hanging right until you see Encanto Elementary School. Turn left to enter the Enchanted Farm and start your journey!f you want to be one with nature and still be in an organic mode, you might want to plan out your trips to these enriching farm places in nearby provinces. Take your pick and start on your journey to good health now.

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