By Christina Alpad

As I walk through the doors of the recording studio, I must admit I got excited to meet this guy named Gloc-9. Much has been written about him and his genre and they left me with the impression that he seems to be a very serious guy. So, imagine my surprise when a smiling man in black shirt, khaki shorts, and Nike shoes was introduced to me. None other than the late master rapper himself, Francis Magalona, called him a blacksmith of words and letters: and a truly modern Filipino poet. After my interview, I see him as our Charles Dickens; only he makes songs instead of novels.

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During the interview, Gloc-9 is recording a campaign jingle for Save the Children Foundation. The kids in grade school wrote the lyrics themselves wishing that their favorite rapper would sing it with them. And it came true! As of this writing, Gloc-9 is also slated to release a special project this August and a new album later this year.

665212_10151438742534147_1589004774_oGet to know more about him
Baptized as Aristotle Pollisco.
My alter ego is… Gloc-9.
Stalk him at… Gloc-9 on Facebook or @glocdash9 on Twitter.

Seeking The Rapper
The name changing moment…I chose Gloc-9 from a gun model but decided to drop the “k” in glock so it won’t sound too morbid.
Describing my job… I say that I’m just a lucky employee who can support my family by doing what I love. It’s the best job anybody can ever have!
The unconventional musician… I don’t know how to play instruments. I create melodies by humming it inside my head until a song takes form.
Shifting gears… I used to create love and dance rap. But then I started writing socially relevant songs when I was taking up Nursing because I became aware of what’s happening around me.
Relating every message… I write songs that have positive messages and I believe it works to my advantage because people can understand and relate to the songs.
518GysG9s0L._SL500_AA280_My rule of thumb…Whenever I write the songs, I always keep in mind that I should enjoy what I’m doing.ResizeFk
Stage highlight… I always study my set list and then I’ll sing the lyrics in my head until they become instinctive.
Forget me not lines… Sometimes, my mind says I’d go wrong with the lines but then my mouth sings the correct ones. It’s actually amazing!
His fearless forecast… In ten years’ time, Filipinos will live a better life. Yahoo!!!

Still The Same Dude
On my free moments… I love playing with my twins, eating out and watching movies with family.
Here comes the stressbusters… I play role-playing games (RPG), which I rarely do.
Splurge attack… Nike Shoes.
A secret no more… I collect toys that I wasn’t about to buy as a kid like Batman and Japanese robots.


Postscript: I never claimed to be the biggest Gloc-9 fan but after the interview, I tried to listen to as many of his songs as possible. True, his music has greatly evolved yet he remains very humble. Now I understand why his legions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers adore him so much and honestly, I am now one with them, eagerly awaiting for the release of his next album “Liham at Lihim” in September. Can’t wait!

4 Responses to “When Aristotle Becomes Gloc-9”

  1. Noel says:

    Lupet ni idol gloc 9 :) da best!!

  2. Christian Rj Buenavista says:

    Sir gloc, isa po ako sa mga lihitimong tagapakinig sa lahat ng kanta mo mulat sapul nung bata pa ko. Sana dumating yung pagkakataon na makasama kita sa isang kanta. Tnx :)

  3. Joan says:

    this article is so simple and yet, for a new follower u can get to know Sir Aris instantly. He really is one man that is so grounded.Hope u’l never change Sir..

  4. tuknoy ayala says:

    kilala ko yan si sir, tahimik at
    seryoso, pero astig mag biro
    lalo na pag puyat ahahaha..god speed sir
    gloc.. :)

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