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Sugar, Spice and all that Rocks!

Whoever said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” didn’t exactly hit the bullseye, as Warner Music Philippines’ latest all-female rock group General Luna is out to prove that ladies can, indeed, pump out the jams without the scornful attitude or circumstances.

Introducing General Luna – five individual talents who have come together to give the male-dominated band scene a genuinely good n’ hard kick in the butt: vocalist Nicole Asensio, guitarists Caren Mangaran and Audry Dionisio, bassist Alexis Montemayor and drummer Bea Lao are five seriously gifted and drifted individuals who have both the looks and skills that kill.

Though the individuals that make up this musical quintet are no strangers to the local band scene – vocalist Nicole formerly fronting Red Horse Beer Muziklaban finalist Crowjane, guitarist Caren being the lead vocalist and guitarist of power metal group Sanctus and Audry having sessioned with various local rock bands with her involvement in organizations like Fly High Productions and RockEd, bassist Alexis having played for local group Blush and drummer Bea Lao …

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