Free As You Can Be Circuit Training

Free As You Can Be Circuit Training

Free As You Can Be Circuit Training

As we celebrate Independence Day this June, I staunchly encourage CIRCUIT readers to become empowered individuals. Aside from our historical point of view on freedom (read: breaking free), my way of modern celebration is all about relishing my privilege and to act on my options.

Just like what Al Pacino says in the movie, The Devil’s Advocate, “Free will is like butterfly wings: once touched, they never get off the ground… You pull your own strings.” Keep in mind that we all have the right to choose responsibly and that no one is answerable to our way of living as well as our actions except ourselves. This cliché makes me feel empowered and therefore I acknowledge interdependence with the people around me.

Claiming the gift of freedom is to maximize the choices that can serve as an opportunity for individual growth and collectively speaking, leading us to a more matured nation. It is the conscious and continued act for improvement.

I choose to honor and accept myself and I choose to respect you for how you choose to live your life

Fashion Inhabited
Philippine Fashion Week ’08 marked this year’s most fashion forward trends with the country’s tops designers at the SMX, including the effervescent Raoul Ramirez who has transformed art into fashion and fashion into a lifestyle with his revolutionary design sense that has brought forth the fashion world into the real world. His exciting and very much wearable designs lit up the night with funky patterns and truly gathered a crowd of fashion lovers with a startling 5-part show beyond the ordinary by Audie Espino and Dan Lichauco. Raoul displayed his fresh and futuristic take on retro with muted colors and psychedelic prints as inspiration. As the show unfolded, from Gray Future to Raven Nymphs to Dots on Acid, a transition from color to sparkle was achieved effortlessly.
Defected Brings The House Down
Simon Dunmore’s Defected In The House, recently brought to Manila by Bigfish at the Embassy Superclub, definitely kept partygoers hungry for more of one of the most respected house acts in the global dance community. DJ Anton Ramos warmed up the crowd for Defected’s talented resident DJ, Andy Daniell, who has performed at London’s mighty Ministry of Sound and has wowed the crowds of UK and Ibiza many times over at his young age, with his wide range of styles. His brand of house mixed with touches of electro, soul, funk, Latin, and disco kept the night’s aural atmosphere unpredictable, exciting, and ultimately exhilarating. His flawless performance definitely proves why he was hailed as one of the best Ibiza breakthrough DJs by Mixmag and by M8 Magazine as one of their “Tomorrow People

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